About the Edge Hill House Foundation

The Edge Hill House Foundation, formerly known as The Long Bridge Ordinary Foundation, was established in 1980 as a 501 (c) 3 entity. Its purpose is to preserve and maintain the Edgehill House, an 18th century building included in the National Register of Historic Sites and the Virginia Historic Landmarks Register. It includes a board of 12 directors with its by-laws governed by the Foundation.

In fulfilling its purpose, the Edge Hill House Foundation manages a portfolio of generous contributions, which enables the structure's preservation and maintenance. It also supports The Gloucester Woman's Club in fulfilling their mission of opening for specified public availability, offering educational and cultural opportunities, as well as being a community resource.

During the first three months of 2019, the Foundation in conjunction with the Gloucester Woman's Club added a downstairs handicapped-accessible bathroom and completely renovated the existing kitchen and butler's pantry. Also, a recently-installed chair lift has been added to make the second floor accessible for members and guests. 

6805 Main Street exists as a whole of three parts:

The Place:                           Edge Hill House
                 The People                         Gloucester Woman’s Club
                    The Support                       Edge Hill House Foundation

Women who enjoy foraging into local history and culture, as well as contributing to the community find The Gloucester Woman’s Club both beneficial and rewarding.