Events Are Back

We would like to say that events will be held in person and on zoom, with masks when required.

Table Talk in July…..

          Humor and Pain of Historical Research  July 6
          The Pocahontas Story                               July 13
          Walter Reed’s Work                                July 20
          TC Walker’s Tenacious Life Journey       July 27
After-dinner conversations about the roots of LOCAL LEGACIES.  Discover and exchange ideas about familiar names and places while enjoying dessert.
                        7:00-8:00pm,  Wednesday Evenings.              
                   THE 18TH CENTURY HOUSE
                                    BEHIND THE STAND OF MAGNOLIA TREES
                                                ON THE NORTHEASTERN CORNER
                                                            BY MAIN STREET’S ONLY TRAFFIC LIGHT
Space is limited so RSVP is important in order to have proper seating and plenty of dessert available. The Gloucester Woman’s Club sponsors these gatherings; to join the conversation(s) please contact a club member or reply to this email with the following information:
  • Name, number of attendees
  • Date(s) of choice
  • Telephone contact
  • Email contact
You will be welcomed to join the conversation(s).

Program and Hostess Schedule 2021-2022

1. Inclement weather: When Gloucester County Public Schools are closed, the Gloucester Woman’s Club activities are cancelled. These cancellations are announced on local radio station WXGM 1420 AM, or 99.1 FM.

2. Any member who wishes to attend a meeting via ZOOM can contact the IT Secretary one day prior to the scheduled gathering.
September20, 2:00
Speaker: Harvey Morgan
Topic: Marijuana
Hostess: Lourdes Parker

October 18, 2:00
Speaker: Chef Win Goodier
Topic: Local Wines & Specialties
Hostess: Ella Watkins

November 15, 2:00
Speaker: Nancy Fuchs
Topic: My Favorite Daffodils
Hostess: Betty Dovel

Open House?

January 24, 2:00
Speaker: Carole Steele, Assistant County Administrator
Topic: Happenings in Gloucester
Hostess: Janet Griffin

February 21, 2:00
Speaker: Katrina Brown
Topic: The Black Experience in Gloucester
Hostess: Marianne Bowles

March 21, 2:00
Speaker: Rick Stanley
Topic: Care and Nurture of the Southern Magnolia
Hostess: Donna DeShazo

April18, 2:00
Speaker: Sarah Herzog
Topic: Experiences Working with the Virginia Legislature
Hostess: Madelyn Weaver

May 16 :